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We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary

on 2/9/2024 

Welcome to The Whole Child Learning Center, Inc.!  We are family owned and operated which provides consistency to our families.  We were very excited to celebrate our 20 year anniversary on February 9, 2024.  Click here to read our 20 year anniversary article being featured in the Elverson Newsletter in February 2024.  Click here to read our 10 year anniversary article that was featured in the January, 2014 Elverson Borough newsletter.  After working in child care for over fifteen years, we desired a true family atmosphere for our own children.  We now have almost 30 years experience with backgrounds in child psychology, early childhood education, elementary education, and leadership.  Employee retention and continuing education are very important to us.  We are proud to say that more than 70% of our qualified teachers are enrolled in or have earned a degree in education or human services.  We are happy to be members of important organizations such as DVAEYC, NAEYC, NAC, NECPA, PECEA, and PACCA. 

We would love for you to join our WCLC family!  We offer flexible program schedules to meet the needs of our families. 


At The WCLC, we feel it is important to use natural and non-toxic cleaning and laundry products around your children.  We also use natural instead of fluorescent lighting and we are constantly making improvements for the health and safety of our children.

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