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What our families and local schools have said about us...


"I can not believe my baby will be starting Pre-k soon!  I remember touring the WCLC in 2009, as if it were yesterday.  We looked at other facilities and they just didn't feel right.  We then visited the WCLC.  Kendra gave us a tour and John and I felt at ease from the moment she welcomed us!  The Center is so bright, cheery and clean.  Kids artwork is neatly displayed, the rooms were well kept and tidy and the outside attached fenced in playground is super!  While on maternity leave, Kathy and Kim allowed me to come in to the WCLC and spend time in the baby room.  This was SO reassuring to me as a new Mom!  It gave me such relief knowing my little girl will be in such great hands while I am at work!  The programs offered like Jr. Gym, dance and karate got Gabriella involved in activities yet didn't take away from our nightly routine and family time!!  Gabriella has learned so much from her time at WCLC - each teacher has really made a tremendous impact on her!  She is a great kid and you all are instrumental in that!

Another added bonus - the time and effort Kathy and Kim give to each parent!  I remember a tough period with my daughter, Kathy took time to meet with me and teach me some techniques to try at home. Miracles!!  Now, whenever I feel at a loss with a parenting dilemna, Kathy and Kim are on speed dial!!

We now have Giuliana who loved her time in the infant room! (Of course)!  The infant room is always a fun time with all the special art projects made with tiny hands and feet and the love each child receives from Michele, Sandy and Deb allong with all the other teachers!  

Being off for extended time in the summer has given me anxiety about the transition back to full-time daycare as well the return to a new classroom.  Kathy, Kim, Kendra and Linda encouraged me to come in over the summer months to keep WCLC fresh in her mind and we have done that.  I am at ease, knowing Monday will probably be a tough start to the young toddler room, but overall, the love she will be receiving from you all is so comforting. Thank you! Thank you to each and every one of you for the love you have shared not only to my girls but to each and every little boy and girl at the WCLC!  Looking forward to a great school year with a Pre-K and Young Toddler!

John, Karen, Gabriella and Giuliana


"Living near the WCLC and having my son enrolled is like hitting the "daycare jackpot!" said R. Palmer.  "I LOVE having my son here and I can't imagine having him elsewhere.  The staff are so caring and it is very apparent that each child is well known individually and cared for exceptionally!  I am so excited to have him here for years to come and watch him move through the different rooms, meet all the teachers and make friends!"

R. Palmer

Elverson, PA


"We have been part of the WCLC family for over six years.  We have so many wonderful things to say about the directors, programming and teachers.  We feel that we are an integral part of the program.  Kathy and Kim know each and every family and child and this is just the beginning.  Their interaction style is one of collaboration and respect and this is followed by their staff.  Our two oldest children attended WCLC for preschool and when they arrived in kindergarten, they were so well prepared for the school curriculum that they have maintained academic skills above grade level.  The curriculum that they use follows a natural development sequence and the implementation by the teachers is done with energy and enthusiasm.  We have had the opportunity to have the same teachers for each child and that is a testimony to the center's policies and willingness to retain teachers.  Our youngest son currently attends for full day programming.  He was diagnosed with a medical condition right before enrollment and Kathy and Kim and all of the staff has been directly involved in the care and management of his needs.  They have gone so far to even ride with him in the ambulance to the hospital.  We feel that our son is in the healthiest and safest environment at the WCLC while away from us.  And there is no better feeling that parents can have.  There is no other place we would have our child.  We highly recommend interested families to visit the center and see and feel the love that is given to all the children and families each and every day."

Toni and Ron Toole

Morgantown, PA



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"As soon as you walk through the door, you can feel their love for children"
R. Klemmer

"The Whole Child Learning Center is a fantastic facility that truly cares about my children.  The teachers form wonderful bonds with the students and it really puts me at ease when I leave my children under their care every day.  Besides meeting their emotional needs, the educational programs are exceptional and I really think my girls are extremely prepared to enter kindergarten."

L. Owens

Morgantown, PA


"The WCLC employs staff members who truly care about your child, their well-being and developmental growth.  They recognize parents' needs and assist in whatever way they can on a daily basis.  Our children have been with the WCLC for four years and they have grown so much.  The WCLC is a fun, loving facility that our children enjoy coming to on a daily basis.  The WCLC has played a significant role in making our quadruplets who they are today and we thank them for that!"

The Garners

Elverson, PA


"I don't feel like I'm enrolling my child in a daycare, it's more like having a family member taking care of her.  The WCLC looks out for what's best for the children.  You don't have the same corporate business feel like you may at other daycares."

Tim and Beth Anderson

Morgantown, PA



"I can't say enough great things about the WCLC!  As soon as you walk through the door, you can feel their love for children.  The staff creates such a nurturing environment for children; they are excellent teachers.  The directors have an "open door" and are always there to help and support parents with whatever they need.  Their facility is beautiful and EXTREMELY clean.  There are no words to explain how safe I feel when my son is there.  I would not hesitate to recommend the WCLC to anyone!  It is the BEST in the area!"

R. Klemmer, Elementary School Teacher


"The Whole Child Learning Center stands apart from all other child care facilities in how much the staff truly cares about each child at their school.  They cater the educational curriculum to the needs of the individual, making sure that each child's experience serves their needs perfectly.  Their warm, caring and supportive approach provides a feeling of safety and security for children and parents alike."

Deb C.

Pottstown, PA 

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