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Our Unique Building Security Features Help Keep Our Children Safe!

Intercoms and Cameras


Intercoms:  The school is equipped with an intercom system.  This enables teachers to communicate with the Administrators without leaving the classroom.  This also enables the teachers to maintain staff/child ratios at all times. 


Cameras:  Cameras are located in each classroom, as well as the playground areas.  Viewing monitors are located in the office. 

Closed Learning Spaces


Closed Classrooms:  Each age group has a separate classroom that offers a quiet learning environment to children of the same age. 


Playgrounds:  There are two separate fenced in playgrounds, one for infants and young toddlers, and one for older toddlers through school age children.  This newly designed playground offers a variety of safe and exciting experiences.  Since safety is always our number one priority, our playgrounds now have rubber surfacing from Safety Turf, Inc.  Your child can enjoy a music station, painting station, sand and water studio, a tricycle track, a double slide, stepping pods, and a large climbing center.  School age children have several places on our property to play, including a black top area with four square and hopscotch, basketball, volleyball, and tetherball. 



Secure Entry



Parent Sign In Computer Monitor:

All authorized parents are given  individual access codes to gain access to their family data account.  With this account you sign your children in and out, access accounting and medical/immunization information. 


Security:  All doors are locked and alarmed at all times and a card system is used for authorized parents to gain access to the main entrance of the building.  Staff identifies visitors before admitting them to the facility.  The front door is equipped with an intercom system for safety.  All volunteers must have criminal and child abuse clearances on file in the office. 

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